The Dragon of Darkness and The Valley of the Void

Intro: What do we have here, Traveler? A journey to the unknown? Join me on this adventure and explore the Valley of Lost Memories.

Q: What is this?
A: An online game-book.

Q: So what is the Valley of the Void? And why isn’t anybody talking about the “dragon” part?
A: … sit back and relax … here’s a story:

There is a world where the castles are piercing the azure sky and the steel is ringing like a hellhound scream, this is the world of The Void. In the realm of the Purple Sun everything seems normal at a glance but this would be like saying the ocean is a flat blue surface. There is a hidden dimension in this world – The Void, which peacefully coexist with the shiny world until it is manifested – a grim story to behold.

When the first recorded purple sun rose the whole world suffered – water turned to blood, strange and evil creatures emerged from the shadows, there were death and destruction.

It was the worst if a battle was waged under the purple sun, bloody events of this scale summoned the Grim Reapers of War as they were later -called – giant abominations from the Void who feeded on wasted lives. The bare sight of a grim reaper was enough to turn a trained mind into a dementing mess. Being close to a reaper turned the sane men into mad men slaughtering anything in their path and eventually feeding the grim reapers.

If a child was born on the Purple Sun it turns into a darkling – a creature of evil nature and twisted powers. More on the children of the purple sun on 612.

Nobody is sure where this dark madness is coming from. The people called it the Void. The best Scientists are only trying to fathom its characteristics to little or no avail. One thing is known for sure – it’s a realm of complete darkness because all creatures who spawn from the shadows on the purple sun are almost to completely blind. Those of the Void are still able to perceive the space through some other sense which is not yet known to us.

Are you ready to dwell into this broken world? Then jump into your adventure! Go to Epizode 1!

Epizode 1

Traveling through the Mrakolian Forest is a gloomy experience. The moon occasionally twinkles through the black branches entwined above your head and your horse has been uneasy since the night moved on. Suddenly a bright light shoots through the trees and a white horse ridden by a golden knight is standing on your path.
The knight’s armour as well as the horse itself are illuminated by an inner light so bright you have to keep your eyes almost shut. A clear and powerful voice comes forth: “Don’t be firghtened by me, Traveler! This dark forest is the horrors you should fear! I’ll give you a free advice: Whenever you feel lost in a dream you just follow the amber light and you’ll be saved!”. What is he talking about? Lost in a dream? Amber Light!? You’ve probably fallen from your horse’s back and now you’re having some sick visions inside your cracked head …
As soon as he gives you the precious piece of knowledge the horseman turns its back on you and quickly vanishes into the distance like a fading firefly. You are not exactly sure if it all wasn’t just a dream, still you need to write down the codeword “Amber Light”.

Continue to Epizode 2 (not ready yeat, please wait in silence, Traveler)


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