Did we need a gay scene in Netflix’s Castlevania?

Alucard Netflix Castlevania

Did we need a gay scene in Netflix’s Castlevania? And was it justified?

Alucard is apparently gay now! Netflix did drop a big bomb by the end of Season 3 of their acclaimed anime show – Castlevania.

Do you remember the times when movies were doing fan service? Well, it seems now is the time, when they are doing LGBT services.
Nowadays everybody’s “Woke” and spreading their social justice all over the place like a bloody shit-storm of half-assed bullshit.

We were serving the majority of our auditory and now we are serving the minority. How did this happen? How is it even justified  from business point of view?
Everybody knows that you should be aiming to adjust your product to the majority of your paying customers.

It’s always the money, bro!

I don’t really buy the idea that Hollywood is suddenly after some SJW ideals for the simple reason of being just to everyone. It’s always the money!
So why did they decide that going for a minority part of their audience for the cost of losing big part of their core one is financially justified is beyond me. I guess it’s just a trend and also a big part bad higher management.

As for the matter at hand – gay/bi Alucard.

It’s no big surprise that an immortal creature – namely a dhampir, who has lived for hundreds of years, will eventually be bored with their default nature (being that gay or straight) and will try new things. That’s fine – it’s logical, but not the way it was portrayed in the series.
So we had 3 seasons of non-gay Alucard, who is also supposed to be true to the game series (no gay/bi there as well). Then suddenly on the pre-epilogue episode of the 3rd season they dropped the bomb.

The whole portrayal of Alucard as passive homosexual is also quite controversial to the image of his father – Dracula, the godfather of the vampires. Dracula was about to kill all humans on Earth just because they killed his wife – he was very true to the classical family values and was never portrayed in the show as the perverted type.

Alucard VS Demon Hunter

Another Point of View

I’m trying to imagine this from LGBT point of view. Was it like they screamed in ecstasy, pleased by the perverted sex scene? Sweaty fists swaying in the air in front of the flickering TV screen and moans of primal passion? I doubt it!
You see, NETFLIX, your sex-orientation doesn’t necessary makes you an idiot. Thus it can be seen, from a miles distances, when you drop something into the plot of a show to target a specific audience. When there is no build-up, when it’s not doing justice to the story, and it’s blatantly unnecessary! If I was gay I’d be even angrier than the straight audience of the show for treating me like a fucking retard who will just praise you for this bullshit move you pulled from your arses.

Did we need a gay scene in Netflix’s Castlevania? My answer is obvious, what is yours?

There are quite extreme reactions which (Be warned) go into an explicit level of detail:

It takes a demented level of perversion to select a fan-favorite icon and subject him to a fetish that’s known for carrying high-rates of STDs, given that unprotected anal sex among gay men is a leading cause for sexually transmitted diseases and contraction of the HIV virus.

Check the whole article here (18!): https://archive.fo/CAWnq#selection-653.0-653.276


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