How Virtual Reality can change the mobile games

Samsung Gear Virtual Reality mobile

Virtual Reality is here and it’s rocking hard! Is this the future?

Still as a mobile games developer it’s important for me to know How Virtual Reality can change the mobile game market

Quickly on mobile games, 1, 2, 3 …

Sorry for inserting some general knowledge here but it is crucial to clarify why mobile games are a total success, why and how they changed the world of gaming. There is a number of strong reasons for that. Let’s quickly roll over this one. I’ll compare Mobile and VR on each of the 3 key points and see if the later can blend in.

(1) When and Where?

(M) Mobile
Anytime, anywhere – You can play on your mobile device in the bus, in WC, in bed, while looking after your kids, during dinner preparation, while your dog is doing its thing on the neighbour’s car tire, soon you will be able to even game while your car is automatically driving you to work (Google, Tesla). The right question is when and where you Cannot play.

(VR) Virtual Reality
Just try putting your VR glasses while in the bus or while you’re having your morning coffee. Doesn’t sound very convinient, right?
VR is a demanding technology which requires 100% devotion. Once you put the glasses/helmet on, you’re out! It’s an immersive experience which takes 100% of your attention span. It needs your brain to be constantly deceived in order for the illusion to work. In Virtual Reality magic is easily dispelled.

Tesla Self Driving car and mobile gaming

(2) Accessibility

(M) Mobile
Almost everyone has a mobile device nowadays. It’s pretty simple and easy to download and install a mobile game and in some way it comes as a bonus to a device you actually purchased for other reasons – making calls for example.
(VR) Virtual Reality
Limited. It’s not available to every mobile device.

(3) Session length

(M) Mobile
Short. Most mobile games are intentionally made to limit the time players spend in the game, this is done via the so-called Energy mechanics and it is done mainly to produce a habit forming relationship between the player and the game.
(VR) Virtual Reality
Yes, sessions can be short but it will be inconvenient. It just does not sound right to dwell into the virtual reality for a minute or two for elixir collection, right? You need a preparation first – putting gear on, connecting interfaces …

So basically the mobile games are non-invasive, casual experience which is given to the users whenever they like, anytime they want it. This opened the greatest opportunity the game industry ever had – to convert even non-gamers to gamers.


As much as Virtual Reality is going to change the world it cannot really compete with the casual mobile gaming. It’s just not a technology which can blend in. My prediction is that VR will stay big in the console and PC markets. For the mobile market whose very essence is the mobility and the ability to enjoy short session-based gameplay in the short breaks of our everyday routine, it’s just not going to work.

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