Did we need a gay scene in Netflix’s Castlevania?

Alucard Netflix Castlevania

Did we need a gay scene in Netflix’s Castlevania? And was it justified?


I respect everybody’s right to choose their own path in life and what to believe in. I don’t care if you are gay, straight-6, or identify yourself as a battle chopper. What I do care about is my freedom and I believe this is something you care about as well.
I also don’t want to be considered an idiot and therefore changing a well-known narrative for the sole purpose of serving some business/political agenda is detestable. No minority representative is dumb enough to believe Netflix turned Alucard gay for a purpose different than trying to go with the flow of the modern SJW trend.
If you are part of a minority then the chances are you are 1 in 1000 in which case being rarely portrayed in popular culture is called LOGIC, not misrepresentation.

Alucard is apparently gay now! Netflix did drop a big bomb by the end of Season 3 of their acclaimed anime show – Castlevania.

Do you remember the times when movies were doing fan service? Well, it seems now is the time, when they are doing LGBT services.
Nowadays every 2nd business out there is going “Woke” at the cost of …well, anything.

We were serving the majority of our auditory and now we are serving the minority. How did this happen? How is it even justified from a business point of view?
Everybody knows that you should be aiming to adjust your product to the biggest portion of your paying customers.

It’s always the money, bro!

I don’t really buy the idea that Hollywood is suddenly after some SJW ideals for the simple reason of being just to everyone. It’s always about money!
So why did they decide that going for a minority part of their audience for the cost of losing a big part of their core one is financially justified is beyond me? I guess it’s just a trend and also a big part weird decisions made by the top management.

As for the matter at hand – gay/bi Alucard.

It’s not a big surprise that an immortal creature – namely a dhampir, who has lived for hundreds of years, will eventually be bored with their default nature (being that gay or straight) and will try new things. That’s fine – it’s logical, but not the way it was portrayed in the series.
We had 3 seasons of non-gay Alucard, also true to the game series (no gay/bi there as well). Then suddenly on the pre-epilogue episode of the 3rd season, we ended up with this sh*t.

Alucard VS Demon Hunter

Another Point of View

I’m trying to imagine this from an LGBT point of view. Was it like they screamed in ecstasy, pleased by the perverted sex scene? Fists swaying in the air in front of the flickering TV screen and moans of primal passion? I doubt it!
You see, NETFLIX, your sexual orientation doesn’t necessarily make you an idiot. We can see from a mile’s distance when you shove something into the plot of a show to target a specific audience. When there is no build-up, when it’s not doing justice to the story, and it’s blatantly unnecessary! If I was gay I’d be even angrier than the straight audience of the show for treating me like a fucking retard who will just praise you for this bullshit move you pulled from your arses.

UPDATED: 25.12.2020 (After a couple of comments I decided to emphasize the specific reasons why I actually dislike what Netflix did here)
With that being said, a major problem I have with this is that the scene is unnecessary. I don’t care about people’s sexuality, it’s a personal thing. I just don’t like the case in which I’m forced to manifestation of a certain agenda through the mainstream media (being that a TV Show, Game, Movie, etc.) for the sake of bare-bone propaganda.

Did we need a gay scene in Netflix’s Castlevania? My answer is obvious, what is yours?

There are quite extreme reactions which (Be warned) go into an explicit level of detail:

It takes a demented level of perversion to select a fan-favorite icon and subject him to a fetish that’s known for carrying high-rates of STDs, given that unprotected anal sex among gay men is a leading cause for sexually transmitted diseases and contraction of the HIV virus.

Check the whole article here (18!): https://archive.fo/CAWnq#selection-653.0-653.276

26 thoughts on “Did we need a gay scene in Netflix’s Castlevania?

  1. Season 3 was FULL of sjw stuffs and i hated this fact but the worst was making alucard an iconic character of castlevania series gay… i dont have problem with badass gay vampire but I DO HAVE PROBLEM when they alter and change already made characters for sake of minority!!! i HATE it when they ruin ALL the story backgrounds a character have for sake of some stupid social trend move!
    like i also hate how they made Issac middle east Muslim EVENT though I AM a Muslim from middle east!
    by end of season 3 i was really fedup with netflix bullshit they just ruined the show with amount of sjw moves… which killed the whole feeling and atmosphere of the show for me…

    1. Alucard has been around for a long time. Maybe he is trying to find love wherever he can….

  2. dude, shut up and just watch the show. he’s bisexual not gay, there’s a difference. what does it matter to you that you make a whole article on it lmao?? his sexuality doesn’t even change the story in the slightest. just proves how sensitive straight folk are 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

    1. Dude, 1st of all this is the Internet and I can freely express my opinion, thus your attitude is totally out of place. 2nd we have a scene where a man is performing a sexual intercourse with another man, no matter how you put it, this is as gay as it goes. And I don’t care about details when it comes to sodomy, thank you. Of course, I’ll post about it – every time the entertainment industry tries to input some SJW or other political agenda in a beloved product just for the sake of propaganda, the audience should react swiftly and without mercy. It’s an animated series based on an old game, WTF they decided to add a homosexual scene!? If you don’t understand how this is ruining the show, then I have nothing else to discuss with you.

  3. It’s sickening, degenerate filth. As an American, I am horrified at how far my country has fallen. Makes me want to take an AK to Netflix’s headquarters…

    1. I so happy someone atleast has some common sense. I absolutely hated that part. This show sucked. Can’t believe they just ruined one of my favorite vampire characters growing up. Had to watch my childhood hero get butt fuxked. Stop treating mental illness as if it’s a cool thing. It’s sick. They can come out with whatever excuses or insults they like but you can’t run from the truth.

  4. bruh, it’s their show, they wrote it, they aired it, it’s their art and the author’s will, so why are you butt hurt bout it lol

    1. Nope, it ain’t as simple as that. The show is based on the Castlevania game series and therefore it needs to follow some canon. The character was not portrayed as bi-sexual in the games and what was shown in the tv show was totally pointless propaganda. Just portraying a random character as a given minority for the sake of selling the LGBT values is lame.

  5. I still don’t understand why the internet doesn’t block bigots like yourself. Your rant is tiring, cliched and it doesn’t even serve as a proper argument: the guy is bisexual, not gay and last time I checked no build-up is needed for straight characters to start having straight sex. Take your Putinesque morality somewhere else, please

    1. LOL 😀 I guess you missed the whole Internet idea – free speech, anyone? Everyone has the right to express their opinion, as do you. No build-up is needed to introduce a scene which is common sense – like straight sex. Your argument is totally irrelevant. When you show alternative development you need to justify why something/somebody went astray, not just spit baseless propaganda. You seem to fail in understanding the depth of what is happening, sad for you.

  6. Do we need a straight sex scene in Castlevania? You say to please the majority but forget the straight scene that occurred concurrently with that of Alucard. Accept and that’s it.

    1. I don’t care to please the majority. Having sex scene by itself is something generic, but when you portray a character from a famous game series who was never shown up until the moment to be bi or gay, you definitely need to justify this twist.

      1. Quite honestly, this scene did and still does genuinely anger me. I’m watching an adaptation of one of my favorite video game franchises of all time. At what point should I be expecting one of my favorite game characters to engage in sex with another man? I know for a fact he’s not gay or bi, considering his character is supposed to be righteous despite his family background. Canonically, he even has a relationship with a woman . I just don’t see the point. It didn’t add anything to the narrative nor did it positively impact his character, so why’d they do it?

    1. How did you come to this conclusion? I’m talking explicitly within the context of the show which is based on the famous games, where Alucard is not shown to be gay or bi, thus the discrepancy. There is always a context.

    2. Hi, I seem to be a little late to your sorry little rant here, but no matter. See, something you quite simply fail to understand is that you aren’t being fed “gender propaganda” as you term it, but inclusivity and non heteronormativity, something that’s been so lacking in all forms of media (and I’m pretty sure your mindset) that it’s very presence seems “unnecessary” to you. Finding the scene unnecessary because it may be highly graphic and torture is fine, but not because the scene involves a character you thought was straight turning out to be bisexual. If the scene was between a man and a woman, I doubt this pathetic attempt at an article would ever exist. So, if you don’t want to find yourself so pressed next time about a similar incident, just don’t assume that everyone’s straight, including, yes, characters in your video games and their depictions in a show. As for “serving the minority”, the entire world caters and serves the majority, you oblivious and entitled piece of shit. one plot point, one character, doesn’t do the same and you actually feel like it warrants an entire write-up about how you’re feeling sad? Shut up and learn to be empathetic toward people who aren’t privileged fucks like you are and have to fight for their basic human rights, asshole. Thank you.

      1. What I think you actually fail to grasp, as others do as well, is the fact that common sense doesn’t need justification. Would you wrap your life around the concept of taking care of the minority of situations? Like if you go out during the summer do you always carry an umbrella and a jacket to make sure you provide yourself protection from the minority of cases when a summer storm will strike you down? Very few ppl actually have this mindset. We are prone to design our life & perception around the framework of common sense and major probabilities. It’s how the world works, sorry.
        And going out of the way to piss the majority of your audience doesn’t really provide any sympathy to minorities.
        Judging from the angry rant you posted, I can certainly conclude you have lots of issues to fix, so next time try breathing in-and-out before posting something online 🙂

  7. Okay, a few things – I’m assuming this might have a religious/political background for you personally, because a lot of your statements/opinions are not only conflicting, but just flat out nonsensical.. for example, in regard to Dracula: “he was very true to the classical family values and was never portrayed in the show as the perverted type.” What?! So, the fanatical drinking of blood, destruction of mortals, cavorting with demons and consorting with the devil, rape, murder, torture, and much, much more — isn’t “perverted” behavior to you? Those are “classical family values” because he was with a woman, and had a child?! Yikes!

    Also, you do realize that every single one of these “characters” is fictional, right? So, it’s not like you’re talking about actual history of a person saying, “Well, he never did that in real life! He only had a wife, he never slept with men!” Which, by the way, is also a strange flag to wave. Not to mention there is no way of you personally being sure of that, but regardless: again, fictional character! The history is whatever the writers make it, and writers perpetually add, detract, and rewrite characters all the damn time, so.. ?

    If the scene was between Alucard and two women, that would be okay? Because I have news to you about perversion: the whole scene was gratuitous – it was unnecessary, regardless of who was involved. Two men, man and woman, two women – the seen was unnecessary, period. That being said, the issue really shouldn’t be Alucard’s depiction of bisexuality (yes, bisexuality is different from homosexuality, which is another concept here that seems to evade you). The whole scene ended in a torture/murder attempt, after taking advantage of someone in a vulnerable position – it was borderline a rape/snuff scene, and that didn’t bother you?! The two people were graphically piked outside the castle, and that didn’t bother you?! What is your definition of “perversion”, because I’m not sure how you could play the games, or watch the show, or read the comic and call one thing out over any other thing for being “perverted” and also not admit to having a personal bias. There was a Satanic ceremony at the end of the show – was it wholesome for you? A Judge and magistrate of a village was murdering small children, and collecting their shoes as prizes (and who knows what else), and that was — “classical family values”?

    Ultimately, you’re obviously entitled to your opinion, as anyone is; however, in regard to that particular episode of Castlevania, it would seem more troubling that your opinion is that there is a problem depicting a character’s sexuality being different than what you want it to be, and not that there is a rampant debauchery in the media that we ingest. Also, declaring that there is a “majority” that you personally have taken an accurate toll of, and refuting years of scientific research and documentation of human/animal behavior and sexuality by accredited individuals such as: Sigmund Freud, Alfred Kinsey, Albert Ellis, Richard von Krafft-Ebing and his wife Marie-Louise, Nathan H. Lents, or Geoff R. MacFarlane, Simon P. Blomberg, Gisela Kaplan, Lesley J. Rogers .. to name a few.. Yah, that doesn’t track either.

    In short: I’m sure that the scene disturbed you due to some repressed or realized issues with sexuality; however, you cannot make the argument that it somehow destroyed the virtue of the Castlevania franchise, nor that it was “catering” to any particular audience, nor that it was any more (or less) perverted than other depictions in the franchise, or even that it was “undeserved” (I mean, they’re vampires – using your same fictional history: sex is kind of their thing, and they create sexual tension with everyone on some level).. but I do agree that it was unnecessary, the same way that I said before – it was completely unnecessary: gay, straight, or bisexual. These are intimately private or seriously harmful moments, and should not be used to further a story for entertainment value – no one needs to see it, period!

    1. 1. Religious/Political background – Nope. The major problem I have with this (and this is something you agree with on a general level) is that the scene was unnecessary. This is something I have emphasized a couple of times – IMHO the scene is put there for the sake of gender propaganda and nothing more.
      You should also remember that in the show, prior to Dracula losing his beloved to the religious fanatics, he was not shown within the context of “blood, destruction of mortals, cavorting with demons and consorting with the devil, rape, murder, torture, and much, much more”.
      The character starts off as someone bored from eternity of loneliness who is suddenly excited by the opportunity to share his scientific knowledge with a curious human.

      2. This point is irrelevant, as I’ve clearly explained the portraying is inconsistent with the GAME story, not with reality? Where did I write anything different from this?

      3. Valid point – What you wrote is correct – in neither of the quoted scenarios the scene would be OK. And not mentioning this doesn’t mean I think otherwise.
      Not sure what the Satanic ceremony has to do with classic family values? It was a revealing of the evil nature of those people. Your point being?

      4. Maybe I didn’t express myself as clearly, but it’s actually vice-versa – The Issue I have is there is a “rampant debauchery in the media that we ingest.” (very well said btw).
      I don’t care about people’s sexuality, it’s their own personal thing. I just don’t like when I’m being forced to a manifestation of a certain agenda in the media (being that TV Show, Game, Movie, etc.) for the sake of a bare-bone propaganda.

      5. In short: You can’t be farther away from the truth (as I’ve already explained). I don’t have an issue with the portrayed sexuality per se. I have an issue with propaganda in the entertainment industry in general.
      I have an issue when people screw with something just to convey alternative ideas in a blatant and self-justified manner.

  8. Fair. Interesting responses, and again, I don’t refuse anyone of an opinion – I mean, if we can’t talk and argue without resorting to violence or name-calling, then what are we?

    Sorry for the length, but I don’t avoid a good conversation.

    A few points that I was making seem to have been missed, and I’m sure (as you pointed out) you may have not clearly presented some of your points either; however, I think we both can agree on the one point that we both are making: *that the scene was ultimately unnecessary*. That much is a fact, as far as I’m concerned. It was not needed for any purpose, didn’t further the plot, and any reasoning behind it is self-serving.

    Also, and I may not have expressed this opinion clearly (if at all), but I do agree that there is a blatant use of arbitrary gratuity and/or propaganda posed as novelization in today’s media. I am not pinning it on “SJW” as you said in your post, or any particular group – but it is happening, and it belittles people and groups on a broad spectrum in order to create rifts and unnecessary conflict (which, I’m pretty sure is the actual goal).

    One thing I will clarify for the sake of it: my point about the fiction of the story wasn’t that you didn’t specify “in the game lore”; however, my point is that it doesn’t actually matter what context it’s from – it isn’t real. Again, it’s fiction written by people who change it as they please. Sticking to the argument that, to paraphrase: “it wasn’t canonical to the game’s portrayal that it was based off of”, doesn’t track. First of all, based on and recreation of are two different things. It was based on Castlevania III, with some Curse of Darkness sprinkled in, and then spruced up with whatever the writers thought was “edgy” and/or “interesting” for the modern audience. They didn’t say they were portraying a blow-by-blow of one specific game lore via animation, and using every reference to the letter. It was just based on the games.. That doesn’t help your argument in the slightest, so why bring it up? That was my point – putting that in your argument didn’t really do anything for your argument.

    I will also say this, just as some unsolicited but friendly feedback about the article: the wording of your original post is much more inflammatory and political than your response to me, and as such your post does not convey as clearly the opinion you seem to be reflecting here. Yes, there is still some “political” undertone to what you’ve said, as I’m sure there are layers to your position as anyone would have; however, in your response, there is a lot less personal outrage in regard to the episode in question, and it lets your point stand alone. Again, just some friendly critique after reading both the post and your response, which obviously shared a commonality but were presented quite differently. I know that you didn’t ask for this, just sharing.

    Personally, on my last note, I don’t subscribe to any particular labels or parties or credo or anything that forces me to wear a pinion, get into a box, and raise a particular flag — I am of the opinion that it’s all a method of stripping us of our individuality and making us into cogs for whatever machine needs to run (social, religious, political, etc.), so please don’t think there is any motivating or driving factors behind my statements and opinions other than general distaste. I think a lot of the writing in the show is tasteless, quite frankly. Was that episode gratuitous? In my opinion, yes – but I think your article also could have been better represented to make your point – that’s all.

  9. It is, again, another representation of political correctness in the media. The problem is that the writers decided to shove it into the game-based anime which I really loved. What’s the point and purpose of showing dick-goes-into-manhole in the Castlevania series?

  10. I’m not that big of a fan of the scene. Mostly I found Alucard’s arc to be kind of pointless. What makes it all seem disingenuous is that it leads to an equally pointless scene that misrepresents the character entirely. The funny thing is, Alucard’s sexuality (where he sticks his penis), is something that never even occurred to me before. I dunno if its because i’m a heterosexual male, but i’ll never understand some folk’s laser beam focus on who fucks who. Does video game alucard swim in vagina? Don’t know, don’t really care, don’t really need to know. Does netflix alucard swallow swords? didn’t know, didn’t need to know, didn’t even know to wonder such a thing before they animated this man being fucked spread eagle. Seriously…..i mean what the fuck? Why? Why did we need that, of all things, in an otherwise perfect series?

    Before the wave of “homophobic” accusations arrive, let me state why I didn’t mind hector/lenore’s sex scene. Its simple really, their entire arc was going somewhere. Was this the consummation of an unexpected romance? No. She bedded hector, as the final phase of her total manipulation of him. It all tops off with her tricking him into wearing that slave ring. In other words, their scene had a very important purpose that adds context to their entire seasonal arc as well as greatly affecting things moving forward. For anyone that was actually fooled into thinking that lenore was “the nice one”, that scene establishes her as possibly the most dangerous of the sisters. Hector has been fucked twice over two seasons, once figuratively and literally. How will he put his lessons to use in season 4? I can’t wait to find out. Lets look at Alucard. They intro two new characters and set them up as if they’ll be students of alucard, only to have them give looks at each other every 5 seconds (so you know some shit is gonna go down with them.). The trio’s arc caps out with them taking turns fucking alucard (who for some strange reason is very emotional over this.), only to betray him because…..the world sucks. Wow….riveting stuff. What character growth was made? Two throw away characters (as it turns out) are killed and impaled. What character growth for the one we actually care about? Well….uh….he spent some time with two kids before they tried to kill him. Oh and he got fucked spread eagle….. Whats this mean for Alucard in season 4? Uh…….I don’t fucking know. The only thing different about the ending vs the start is that i’m now in possession of utterly pointless knowledge about alucard’s sexual orientation. A fan favorite character and thats the best the writers could come up with. Bisexual threesome sex. It’d be like season 4 having a scene where Lenore commands hector to put it in her booty. The scene would then be fully animated with voice acting, images of grit teeth, fart noises, pull out plops, etc. You know, just so we know that Lenore likes it in the ass. Character development amirite?

  11. It was unneeded. It was based on a video game that most of us played as kids. There was no sexuality in the games.

    When you take something pre-existing and make it into a show, people expect it to be somewhat like what they knew it from previously. When you insert sex scenes (doesn’t matter of what type) it sort of takes you down a different path. Then when you change a character to be gay/bi then it really throws you for a loop. Because the character was who they were without those other qualities. It’s like the X-Men comics coming out and saying Iceman is now gay. No one cared about that, but they inserted it to get more comic book sales.

  12. Of course this comment section is littered with homosexuals and degenerate rats. The actual truth is homosexuals and minorities can’t make anything of their own. See they’ll get up here and talk about how it isn’t a big deal, how it’s fiction blah blah blah. But the reality is the homosexual and minority quite literally needs to steal everything. Because the homosexual and minority is always devoid of their own ideas, the homosexual and minority is always incapable of doing anything but spoiling an existing character, an existing story or franchise with their putrid filth. No one would complain if the homosexual and minority made their own characters and their own stories. Of course the homosexual and the minority can’t do this because the homosexual and minority will always need to leech off the people they despise.

    Just imagine if these clowns tried to make Romance of the Three Kingdoms and turned Cao Cao into a black homosexual. You know like how in Vikings they turned Jarl Haakon into a black woman. Of course they don’t have the balls to mess with the Chinese because the Chinese aren’t a pathetic cesspit of degenerates like Western nations are. They’re not only devoid of any original ideas or ability to create their own characters, lore or stories. They’re also cowards and cherry pick the ones they steal and fill with their pathetic and blatant propaganda they call “representation”.

    By all means cowards, make Romance of the Three Kingdoms and make Liu Bei, Sun Quan or any of them homosexuals. But we all know you cowards don’t push any of your “representation” into those stories because of the backlash you’d receive from over a billion people in China. Degenerate, unoriginal cowards is what you are. And all you blatant homosexuals and effeminate she-men on this comment section can only hide behind keyboards and in groups, safely protected in the west by the police you insult and disrespect. Tossing around your pathetic little NAZI buzz words. Ironic considering you cowards would have been tucked under the covers and never landed on a Norman beach in your pathetic little lives.

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