Google please fix this in Gmail

My job requires a lot of communication. A big chunk of it goes through emails. So Google please fix this in Gmail!

Fix what?

Gmail interface when composing a new message

Fix the UI for the Font Coloring. It’s really bothersome to have to click 2 times to perform such a simple text formatting.
Is it really so difficult to implement a triggerable color-bar? Let me show how easy it actually is:
Suggestion how Google can add a color bar to make it easier for its users to quickly format their emails

I’m sure there are many who are not using this functionality at all. But many of us do, especially when you go into long emails and what to structure the information in a readable way.
If you ever have to send long emails, you will be surprised by the scale by which coloring can help you turn the gray wall of text into a digestible and tasty snack for the ones on the other side.

So Google Please fix this in Gmail! It will help us a lot!
It can be a setting that can be turned on. Leave it disabled by default in case you are concerned there are going to be users unhappy with the lost screen space.
But for those of us who will greatly benefit from something like this – Just Do It!

I promise that next time I’ll complain about something even more stupid. Trust me, this is really a pain in the ass for me.

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